AV Reporter

AV Reporter Power Monitoring Software by KONSYS

AV Reporter Power Monitoring Software is a comprehensive Energy Management Solution. Its capabilities include the provision of interpreting data into energy savings, reduced costs, more effective use of time and better implementation of your workforce.

AV Reporter software is scalable and fully modular, allowing a system to be tailored to meet your needs and demands accurately. System integration is made easy by the flexibility and scalability of this robust software solution; pick and choose from several modules and feel confident in a seamless delivery.


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    AV Reporter Features
    Powerful Reports

    • Wide selection of hassle-free template reports & dashboards.
    • Fully customised report options are available to suit your needs.
    • Scheduled reports delivered to selected groups on demand.

    Sophisticated Alarms

    • Monitoring and control for alarms and notifications.
    • Detect discrepancies and receive real time alerts.
    • Be notified via email or text message.

    Complex Analytics

    • Advanced visualisation, forecasting and statistical rollups.
    • ISO 50001 compliance and key performance indicators.
    • Set benchmarks simply and effectively.
    • Examine CO2 emission, greenhouse gases and effectiveness of power usage.

    Utility Expert

    • Generate bills for tenants within your facility (sub-metering).
    • Perform accurate analytics of your consumption.
    • Power quality management (EN50160 and more).
    • Provide contract management and optimise demand power.

    Real-time Data

    • Real-time data visualisation and monitoring.
    • Access details of current status in an instant.
    • Act fast and take control of your infrastructure.

    Multinational Profile

    • Continuously growing number of languages and easy integration.
    • Reporting language may be changed on-the-go.
    • Calculation currencies may be modified to suit your location.

    AV Reporter Document Download

    Refer to product technical datasheet for further information.


    The full range of AV Reporter Documentation is available from KONSYS International.