How to avoid large fines when sub billing and on selling electricity

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National Measurement Act and financial penalties for electricity meters (utility) If you currently do or plan to on sell electricity this article will provide you with a starter check-list to avoid financial penalties, damage to your reputation and strained relationships with your tenants.  With significant financial penalties ranging from $6,800 to $34,000 per offence, compliance with the National Measurement Act’s strict requirements … Read More

Pattern Approval of Electricity Meters Update March 2014

hexeiscoElectricity Meters for Trade

Pattern Approval

Pattern Approval of Electricity Meters, March 2014 update Ending a six plus month process, the Australian Government National Measurement Institute has published its response and decisions from the consultation entitled “Proposed Amendments to the Pattern Approval of Electricity Meters”, July 2013. Finally, with certainty of the regulatory requirements in Australia manufacturers, importers, designers and users of electricity meters used for trade can … Read More