Energex Energy Tariff Rates for 2015-2016 released

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Uncertainty about what the Energy Tariff rates for electricity would be for the Energex distribution area of South East Queensland has been resolved recently with the Australian Energy Regulator approving Energex’s amended pricing proposal. You can find the proposal here Public-Pricing-Proposal-2015-16-V1.1 The tariff prices are on page 33. For business customers the most noticeable changes are a reduction in the fixed … Read More

Calculating the return on Power Factor Correction

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Return on Power Factor Correction

Is there a Business case for Power Factor Correction? With all the activity in Queensland in the provision of Power Factor Correction equipment over the last 12 months you would think it must have been a no-brainer that it was worth doing. Yes there have been subsidies offered to eligible businesses and that still does not mean that there is a clear … Read More

What Is Power Factor? A Definitive Guide For Everyone

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What is power factor? Poor power factor costs money so it’s worth knowing what it is and what can be done to reduce your costs. This article will show you that behind all the jargon power factor is a simple concept anyone can understand. Power factor is basically a measure of how effectively you are using the available capacity of … Read More