EGX300 Integrated Gateway Server

The EGX300 integrated gateway-server requires only a web browser and connection to an Ethernet network to log and display real-time data.  It is also capable of plotting trends from up to 64 PowerLogic system devices, including other gateway devices on the same network. Any other device capable of communicating under the Modbus RS 485 protocol can also be used with this versatile gateway.

The EGX300 has an embedded web page function and 256 Mb of memory allowing for the creation of pages for viewing electrical system data and the storage of third-party web pages and documents. You may include items such as instruction bulletins or equipment and system diagrams. Understand your real-time and logged data whilst easily attaining a basic overview of your electrical system.

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    EGX300 Features

    • View real-time and historical data from multiple devices using an internet browser.
    • Automatic detection of networked devices for easy system setup.
    • Email or FTP selected logged data to your PC automatically.
    • Configure the logging intervals required for your specific application.
    • Password protection and controlled network access ensure your system is well secured.
    • Control power can be applied through the Ethernet cable. Power-over-Ethernet removes the need for a separate 24Vdc control power, although you have the option to use either.
    • Provides serial support for Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus and PowerLogic protocols to support a wide range of devices.
    • 10/100BaseTx Ethernet port.
    • Single serial port configurable for RS232 (RJ45) or RS485 (2/4 wire).
    • Serial port is optically isolated to provide highly reliable communications in industrial environments.
    • All PowerLogic power monitoring software is compatible with the EGX300.

    EGX300 Benefits

    • Use the EGX300 to view critical real-time loading information and discover patterns to help optimise energy consumption and electrical infrastructure performance.
    • Gain shared and secure access to meters, circuit breaker control units, protective relays, motor controllers and drives.
    • Create web pages using the on-board creation tool — view real-time and logged data. A simple way to gain an overview of the data pertaining to your electrical equipment.

    EGX300 Applications

    • Reveal opportunities to optimise energy usage and verify results of energy efficiency endeavours.
    • Monitor conditions remotely and in real-time. Profile energy use of your infrastructure.
    • Utilise PowerLogic software for in-depth data analysis and to gain insight into all status and measurement information.
    • Use PowerLogic software to view the entire system, whilst employing EGX300 gateways to remote locations to view local data.

    EGX300 Document Download

    Refer to product technical datasheet for further information.


    The full range of EGX300 Documentation is available from Schneider Electric.