EM1350 Power Meter

The EM1350 power meter is a 3-phase NMI pattern approved meter for tenant billing, load profiling, cost allocation and monitoring of consumption levels. Panel Mounted, it is easily setup via front panel and include a large, clear display showing three values including the relevant parameters. The display can be set to auto scroll through the available readings or be locked to a single display.

The EM1350 Easy Logic offers basic energy measurement functionality for the monitoring of a range of electrical installations.  It is designed for use in industrial and commercial environments and adheres to the strict measurement standards applicable to your needs.

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    EM1350 Features

    • Class 1.0 accuracy as per AS/IEC standards requirements.
    • NMI- MI 6-1, Ed.2 pattern approved product.
    • CE/C-Tick approved.
    • Control power supply can be connected to AC or DC source.
    • Tamper proof with password protection.
    • Pattern Approved as per NMI requirements for trade purposes.
    • Apparent, Active and Reactive energy measurements.
    • 3 phase Power, Energy, Power Factor.
    • PF, kW, kVA, kVAR instantaneous parameter display.
    • Kilo, Mega, and Giga indications capable of auto-scaling.
    • Indication for health of connected phases.
    • Modbus RS-485 serial network communications.

    EM1350 Benefits

    • Energy integrity with tamper proof, non-resettable energy counter complete with password protection.
    • Monitoring of connected loads through remote software.
    • Simple installation and programming designed to be user friendly.
    • CT and PT ratios can be set via the front panel whilst in the field.
    • Display capable of showing multiple real time values.

    EM1350 Applications

    • Suitable for revenue metering such as tenant billing, secondary billing, tariff metering and sub-billing, .
    • Panel metering instruments.
    • Well suited to industrial and commercial environments.

    EM1350 Document Download

    Refer to product user manual for further information.


    The full range of EM1350 Documentation is available from Schneider Electric.