Energex Energy Tariff Rates for 2015-2016 released

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Uncertainty about what the Energy Tariff rates for electricity would be for the Energex distribution area of South East Queensland has been resolved recently with the Australian Energy Regulator approving Energex’s amended pricing proposal.

You can find the proposal here Public-Pricing-Proposal-2015-16-V1.1

The tariff prices are on page 33.

For business customers the most noticeable changes are a reduction in the fixed daily charge of around $1.70 a day for small demand and $3.00 a day for large demand customers. Also the kVA charge is around $2/kVA/Month lower then the old kW demand charge.

This may mean that your energy bill will go down rather than up for a change, and there is still an attractive savings opportunity in PFC depending on your current power factor and tariff. Call us if you have any questions about PFC.