Installation Testing Services

For metering installations where tenant sub-billing is going to occur there are legislative requirements that all those involved in the installation have ensured that a metering installation has been completed correctly or there can be very large penalties.

Where a NABERS rating is going to be applied for by the building owner, there is a significant risk that the rating may be refused if there are doubts about the energy data being supplied. On one project we have heard about this resulting in a requirement for the system to be brought up to standard and a 12 month extension of the defects liability period applied to the electrical contractor as well as risking a damages claim.

There are many potential points of error or failure in an electricity metering installation. For the typical commercial installation that utilise Current Transformers there are as many as 32 separate points of potential error. Some are simple connection errors such as CT polarity reversed, phases out of sequence, phases mismatched voltage to current, fuses missing, incorrectly labelled CT’s, the wrong CT’s for the application, CT’s Magnetised, etc. This is a long list and still not an exhaustive list. For a Direct connect or whole current meter there are many fewer potential mistakes that can affect the metering and still enough to be worth checking that the installation is 100% right.

Hexeis can provide a meter installation testing service using a Zera MT786 certified calibrated primary current injection test tool. Using this style of equipment to perform a calibrated reference test injected into the CT primary circuit is the only way to fully satisfy testing of all 32 error modes of a CT connected power meter. Can you afford not to be sure that the system is 100% correct?

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