Multi Circuit Power Monitor Rental

The Hexeis Multi Circuit Power Monitor Rental solution is well suited for energy efficiency, site profiling and NABERS audits. If you need to do some load profiling, investigate energy efficiency opportunities or gather data for cost reports, multi circuit monitoring may be your best option. Rather than spending excessive time monitoring circuits individually, this solution allows you to monitor up to 15 circuits simultaneously, saving you time and money. Whether you are monitoring final sub circuits from a remote panel or simply a distribution board, Hexeis can provide a rental solution that best fits your spatial requirements.

The Multi Circuit Power Monitor Rental solution is provided in a portable case for convenient transport and ease of installation. Hexeis can provide a technician to instruct your electrician on how to effectively connect the equipment safely to ensure your temporary install meets all of the necessary requirements.

The case contains a high-end multi circuit monitor, the Branch Circuit Power Meter by Schneider Electric. Once captured data is uploaded to the Hexeis server, our engineers perform in-depth reporting and conduct a thorough, insightful analysis to align with your testing objectives. Depending on your needs, a wide range of reports can be provided at your request. Whether you intend on conducting further investigations of your own, or simply need to provide data to financial controllers, Hexeis can provide the concise and detailed level of information you require.

For the full specifications of the Multi Circuit Power Monitor Rental unit, you can download the Branch Circuit Power Meter Datasheet at the bottom of this page.

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    Multi Circuit Power Monitor Rental  Unit Contents

    • BCPM: Branch Circuit Power Monitor.
    • 10 Amp 240 VAC power supply cable.
    • Voltage input connection terminals.
    • Current input connection cables.
    • Current transformer modules for multiple circuits.
    • Hexeis Automatic Meter Reading Data Hub.

    BCPM Document Download

    Refer to product technical datasheet for further information.


    The full range of Documentation for the Branch Circuit Power Meter used for our Multi Circuit Power Monitor Rental unit is available from Schneider Electric.