ION 7650

Power Quality Analyser Rental

The Hexeis Power Quality Analyser Rental solution is suitable for analysing power issues associated with equipment reliability. If you have been experiencing any issues with your electrical infrastructure, now is the time to be proactive and investigate the cause. Avoid costly equipment failure and gain a better understanding of your equipment and whether or not your issues are being caused by internal or external influences. Instead of making the expensive capital investment of committing to a permanent install, take advantage of our economic and risk-free power quality analyser rental solution.

The power quality analyser rental unit includes all the required equipment for an out-of-the-box solution. Installed in a portable, rugged case on wheels, the unit is easy to transport and even easier to install. Hexeis can provide a technician to instruct your electrician on how to effectively and efficiently connect the equipment safely for accurate measurement.

The case contains a high-end power quality analyser, the PowerLogic ION 7650 by Schneider Electric. The analyser is capable of capturing a wide range of data for up to 30 days and connects wirelessly to the Hexeis server allowing real time analysis. Once captured data is uploaded to the server, Hexeis engineers perform in-depth reporting and conduct a thorough, insightful analysis of the findings. A comprehensive range of reports can be provided to suit your specific needs. Whether its for your own further investigations, or a presentation to stakeholders, the depth of information provided by our reports will ensure you get the actionable insight you need.

For the full specifications of the ION 7650 Power Quality Analyser Rental unit, you can download the ION 7650 Datasheet at the bottom of this page.

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    Power Quality Analyser Rental  Unit Contents

    • ION 7650 Power Quality Analyser.
    • 10 Amp 240 VAC power supply cable.
    • Voltage input connection cables.
    • Current input connection cables.
    • Voltage input connectors including:
      • Insulated heavy-duty alligator clips.
      • Magnetic circuit breaker connection studs.
      • Insulated connection lugs.
      • Wired connection terminals.
    • Adjustable clamp-on current transformers in two sizes each with three settings:
      • Cable Connection: 250 / 500 / 1000 Amp.
      • Busbar/Large Cable Connection: 1000 / 2000 / 3000 Amp.
    • 3G wireless modem router unit with power and ethernet connection.

    ION 7650 Document Download

    Refer to product technical datasheet for further information.


    The full range of Documentation for the ION 7650 used for our Power Quality Analyser Rental unit is available from Schneider Electric.