Power Quality Consultants

Power Quality Consultants

We are experienced power quality consultants qualified to provide proactive and reactive services to a range of facilities prone to power quality issues.

Our years of experience enable us to identify and rectify complex power quality issues:

  • Harmonics.
  • Voltage Sags & Swells.
  • Transient Voltages.
  • Transient Currents.
  • Power Factor.
  • Poor Efficiency.
  • Unknown Faults.

Our wide spanning network is prone to detrimental voltage sags and other power quality issues. Due to the fact that most facilities do not have inbuilt power quality monitoring, equipment may be prone to being damaged by events that could be easily prevented with proactive investigations. If you have experienced any unexplained faults within your electrical infrastructure then now is the time to start investigating. Preventative measures will help you to avoid the expensive burden of having to repair or replace electrical equipment due to poor power quality. Our power quality consultants have gained much experience within the following sectors:

  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Universities.
  • Data Centres.
  • Factories and Industrial Plants.
  • Hospitals and Research Facilities.

Contact us to learn how you can benefit from our experienced Power Quality Consultants.

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